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Date: 2018-02-14 14:25

8775 He’s a normal *censored* from a countryside town his dad’s an electrician and his mom’s a social worker. He’s randomly rude making annoying remarks whenever he wants but he follows it up with a “no offense” 8776 If he 8767 s going to be rude, please don 8767 t make him wuss out with 8775 no offense. 8776 The readers that are into rude characters will probably find it a sign of weakness and the readers that are put off by rudeness will probably not give him all that much latitude because he regretted it afterwards.

Quoting 8775 What Makes a Character Likable? 8775 : 8775 Stark characterization. Please don’t make your characters “kind of an ass” or “sort of brave” or whatever. Go big! It’ll be more distinctive and interesting than a hero that just sort of does whatever is most convenient for the plot. Also, it will raise the stakes and make the conflicts sharper. 8776

8775 he never takes anything seriously but he has a sense of responsibility. 8776 That seems contradictory to me. Could you explain how/why he has a sense of responsibility even though he takes nothing seriously? What you say about his parents teaching him to help people makes him sound like he DOES take helping people seriously.

I like the taunting. However, that suggests he 8767 s competitive and/or derisive, which 6) doesn 8767 t come up elsewhere in his personality and 7) would probably suggest that he takes his work seriously. (Is there any way to trash-talk someone without caring that you 8767 re better than them?)

8775 He was just born with his powers. Origin stories leave a lot to think about or alter, but I could be wrong, ya know? 8776 I don 8767 t mind him being born with his powers, but it may actually raise MORE questions than something like a chemical accident, because a chemical accident is a one-time thing that affects the story 8767 s universe in a small way. In contrast, someone being born with superpowers raises questions about why he was born with powers, whether there are other such people, etc.

8775 Oh and his random attitude goes beyond his rudeness… He simply has a habit of bringing up subjects at random and awkward times. 8776 Why? Presumably he 8767 s not being rude just to be rude. Is there some reason he acts this way? (For example, one reason somebody might be rude is if they just haven 8767 t been around people enough to know what is acceptable, or they might be so egocentric that they don 8767 t care).

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